Sivall is a company that provides guidance and backing services related to the digitalization. Some of the guidelines of our portfolio are as follows:


  • Spreading the digital mindset, including comprehensive training services, based upon the empowerment of digital and soft-skills, entirely tailored according to your needs, and in-company based. We employ metodologies such as Learning By Doing and Flipped Classroom, delivering the best professionals and resources for you to obtain a proven quality training (click on the image to know more).














  • Team coaching for the implementation of Agile Metodologies for product and service development: agile methologies such as Scrum, Kanban or Lean are built upon a mindset change in the way teams work, empowering its autonomyproactitivity and motivation, encouraging cross knowledge and emerging a collaborative leadership. These leverages allow teams to unlock their potential and deliver value in a much more constant and transparent way. Agile philosophy was born in the software industry context, but it has enlarged to reach all kinds of teams developing products or services, currently being an advisable value for the whole company. Some of the values advocated by Scrum (the most well-known and used agile framework) are as follows:

Courage          Respect

Focus          Commitment      Openness




















  • BlueOceans consulting strategy based upon Innovation and Digital Transformation: starting with a comprehensive analysis of your As-Is (business volume, market position, product and services catalog, and from your way of working and interacting with customers, col·laborators and other stakeholders), we help you with the development of a change stragegy (To-Be) oriented to maximize your business volume, through redefining and optimizing your internal processes, employing agile product and service depeloment approaches, elaborating differentiation tactics and outreaching them (as well as your brand), and making usage of technology as a leverage to obtain a data-based, clear business vision, as well as implementing digital tools to simplify daily operative, lower its costs, and help your business to be more competitive in a global scope. To find out more information about this stragegy, please visit our blog (in spanish) or contact us.