Roger Villas Kirchner

Sivall is an anagram of the surname of Roger Villas, the main driver of this initiative. It is a brand name of Sistemes d'Informació i Tecnologies de les Valls, a company that was created with the objective of positioning itself in the Andorran market as a strategic partner in the development of digital capabilities for the andorran companies. Our credentials are as follows:


  • Computer Science degree at UdA and Executive MBA in Digital Transformation at IEBS.
  • Scrum Master and Product Owner certified at and Scrum Alliance, and DASA DevOps Foundamentals Certified.
  • + 17 years of working experience in the public and private sector in Andorra and Barcelona.
  • Career includes roles such as: application and systems developer and administrator, business analyst, consultant, project manager, and services and teams manager.
  • Corporate business expertise and highly focused on customers. Large knowledge of the country's business fabric.


You can find more information in the following links: Digital Transformation blog (in spanish), LinkedIn profileonline CV.

Our mission or highest purpose is to assist the companies of the country in their Digital Transformation processes to help them be more competitive in today's world. This process can cover a complete strategy of digitizing processes, products and services, changing the way they organize and work... or rather focus on a specific area, such as: developing an effective Digital Marketing strategy; coaching their teams to be more agile, multidisciplinary, autonomous and involved; implement a collaborative tool or a CRM ...

Who we are

Mission, vision and values

As revealed by a recent study by MorabancCambra de Comerç d'Andorra and Iniced, the the degree of digital maturity of companies in the country is low: for instance, only 12% of the companies have developed a Digital Transformation plan and only 34% contemplate doing so. The survey is only a reflection of the degree of progress that remains to be done, not only in terms of global strategy but also in terms of the application of quick-wins that give companies a greater visibility, communication with customers , internal efficiency, and satisfaction of its employees, to name a few.


Our vision is to bring awareness to all actors in the country that transformation is not only possible, but rather a short / medium term need. We want to contribute to this process by providing ways to materialize a People and Cultural Transformation (the first step towards Digital Transformation) and by empowering the companies with digital capabilities to be more competitive, capable to offer better products and services while, in the process, offering them an opportunity to grow exponentially.

 The values ​​around which we focus all our activities are:


  • Win-win vision: If you don't win, we neither. We want to bring you an added value that is relevant, tangible and measurable. We want to success on our projects and make this success yours.
  • Synergetic and collaborative spirit: We know that the size of certain projects requires alliances with the experts in each subject. Therefore, we are keen to find the best partners in each case to join our (your) projects.
  • Honesty and transparency: We will advise and accompany you transparently, no strings attached, no secrets. We provide our experience at your service, and this means that your project becomes ours, and our commitment and involvement to it is absolute.